Coachings: honest feedback and effective

The challenge 

For managers, the air is getting thinner and thinner upwards and the space for confidential exchange is becoming increasingly thin. 

At the same time, the demands are intensifying - in addition to the technical issues, complex topics such as cultural change, employee motivation and the never-ending transformation are also being addressed. Moreover, many of you can no longer hear these buzzwords and simply want to do their job well.

But how does it go "right"? 

How do I stay stable, clear in my attitude without bending too much? 

How do I support the change well and increase my own and the team's effectiveness? 

These are just a few questions from coachees. 

The solution: a coaching package

With my coaching package I support managers and top executives within a few coaching sessions (the process takes about 3 months, online via Zoom)

- reflect on your own attitude and management style and improve it on the basis of honest feedback

- develop a stable attitude towards oneself, the cooperation and the upcoming changes and based on this to communicate these well and thus to win the environment for oneself and the changes

- understand the basic principles of self-leadership, leadership and leadership in change processes with heart, head and hand quickly and pragmatically - without extensive further training or group trainings

- to develop a concrete target picture, which they bring directly into the implementation

- to stay on track and establish the first steps and measures

- to gain internal security and "peace of mind"

- ... and ultimately stay healthy - not only physically but also psychologically. 

Experienced and well-founded

In recent years I have held numerous coaching sessions in German and English. At the same time, I have continuously trained myself further, so that the coaching sessions have become more and more effective. You can be sure that the coachings "sit" and support you from the very beginning.

Would you like to learn more about the topics and the process of a coaching session? Just send me a non-binding inquiry via e-mail to and I will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can give me a call (+49-170-5282737). 

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