Teamcoachings: : trustful and different

The challenge: 

Especially when teams are newly formed, it often takes a long time for the team to "find" each other - in decision-making processes, in internal communication within the organisation and to create an aligned vision of the future for the organisation.

Especially for board teams or management circles it is important to shorten this finding phase in order to support the best possible effect in the organisation and to advance the issues at hand. 

The solution: Teamcoachings

With a team coaching process you can save a lot of money and time and achieve great success within a few steps, for example

- laying the foundation for a trusting cooperation.

- understanding each other, how you tick and what you need from each other.

- develop a common picture of the company's objectives and agree on concrete steps.

- get clarity about the roles in the management team.

- develop a common understanding of leadership.

- develop and implement a common story for the transformation. 

"works and sits" from the start

In the last years I have held over 300 workshops in German and English. At the same time, I have continuously trained myself further, so that the team coaching sessions have become more and more effective. You can be sure that the team coaching sessions "sit" and support you from the very beginning.

You would like to learn more about the topics and the process of a team coaching? Just send me a non-binding inquiry via e-mail ( and I will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can give me a ring (+49-170-5282737). 

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