Team development

When teams are newly formed, it often takes a long time for the team to “find each other” – in decision-making processes, in internal communication into the organisation and towards a shared vision of the future or a target image for the organisation. 

Trustful and different 

For board and management teams in particular, it is important to shorten this finding phase in order to support the best possible impact in the organisation and to advance the issues at hand, to address underlying conflicts and to create trusting cooperation right from the start.  

With a team development workshop you can for example 

  • lay the foundation for trusting cooperation 
  • understand what makes you tick and what you need from each other 
  • develop a common picture of the company’s goals and agree on concrete steps to achieve them 
  • get clarity about the roles in the leadership team 
  • develop a common understanding of leadership 
  • Develop and implement a common story for the transformation. 

The “24Hours” format has proven itself: the meeting starts at noon. The first work phase takes place in the afternoon. The focus is on informal exchange over dinner (or a virtual drink). The first results can be absorbed overnight before the second part of the workshop continues with a fresh mind. Finally, specific agreements are worked out and the teams are given a joint team task. This format is very effective and easy to integrate into everyday work. 

I also offer classic team retrospectives, retreats or refreshing leadership workshops. The measures do not start and end in the workshop room. Rather, they are framed in a comprehensive, joint preparation and follow-up with dialogue interviews and reviews. This supports the best possible use of the time of all participants and a sustainable process. 

Does your team need support or a shortcut?

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