For managers, there are hardly any opportunities for confidential exchange and critical reflection. At the same time, the demands are increasing – in addition to the technical issues, there are complex topics such as cultural change, employee motivation and the perceived never-ending transformation. Common questions are: 

  • How do I lead “properly”? 
  • How do I remain stable and clear in my attitude without bending too much? 
  • How do I support the change well and increase my own effectiveness and that of the team? 

Experienced and well-founded. Sits right from the start. 

Coaching or sparring is an excellent opportunity to discuss these and other challenges in a structured and open way. You become clearer and find your own answers. At the same time you get an outside perspective, experience and also get feedback from me. 

You benefit from a comprehensive coaching approach: 

  • Future- and solution-oriented – What is the highest future potential of the coachee/team and how can action be taken from it already today? I find this question more important than reflecting on patterns of the past for a long time. 
  • Systemic – Every behaviour has a good reason and expresses a need. What is the need and how is it satisfied?
  • Present and person-centred according to Carl Rogers – Deeply trusting the process and progress of the client, listening very well and courageously expressing and mirroring one’s own perceptions as feedback. 
  • Creative on all levels – Working cognitively, emotionally, pictorially and haptically is more effective than just talking.

The coaching sessions last between 30 and 100 minutes. They take place by phone or via Zoom, google meet or MS Teams. 

Sounds interesting?

Then let’s get to know each other without obligation in the next step. During a virtual coffee talk of 30 minutes we will see if nose factor and topic fit. I look forward to hearing from you!