Process facilitation

How do we implement the new organisational culture, how do we operationalise it? How do we get from A to B in such a way that we continue to C afterwards and not back to A? As a human resources manager, you not only have to deal with these questions for various organisational areas, but also with the budget. 

Charming persistence at all levels

In my experience, there is not a lack of knowledge and skills in change processes but rather a lack of binding processes in the sense of a different form of exchange and implementation. The relationship level must be strengthened. In addition to endurance and patience on the management level, it also requires a clear, pictorial and comprehensible target image of the desired change. 

In a process coaching I support you in the planning and implementation of new communication and organisational cultures. I see myself as a sparring partner. 

Process support can include the following aspects: 

  • Professional alignment, along the lines of “what do you think of topic XY and how we have prepared it, have we thought of everything?”
  • Exchange on topics that are currently on your mind. Bringing in my outside perspective, experiences from other organisations, benchmarks. 
  • Drawing up customised process sketches/rough concepts, for example in response to the question “How could we address the issue at the various management levels?” 
  • Conducting impulse workshops and/or team workshops with strong networking and co-moderation together with HR. 
  • Reminding follow-up processes that the internal HR Business Partners implement. 
  • Continuous alignment and improvement of measures together with Human Relations.

You benefit from my diverse experience in a wide range of industries. In other words: you get first-hand, practical knowledge with pinpoint accuracy. You get an important view from the outside as well as  inspiration – without having to go to events that are time-consuming. You reduce operational blindness. 

Due to my intensive involvement and personal experience with change processes, I can quickly give a well-founded, good and comprehensible assessment: Where is the organisation, the people and what does it need now?

Through close coordination with the Human Relations department and possible co-moderation, your expertise is enhanced and your workload reduced at the same time. 

Are you facing a change process?

Are you looking for a sparring partner for your ideas? Then write to me and let’s discuss over a virtual coffee whether we are a good match.