I support leaders in taking their effectiveness and cooperation to the next level – with a human touch and in a trustful way. 

My topics 

What are the success factors of leadership and cooperation today and in the future? How can we cope within uncertain times and implement change processes well? Leadership in complex and dynamic times means above all being internally stable and shaping relationships well. It is not so much about learning new methods, but more about pausing as a prerequisite for building up an attitude, a good exchange and re-learning basics such as listening. You can find the whole spectrum of my topics and interests here. 


Team development 

Team workshops that sustainably move the cooperation. A must, especially in newly formed or very technical teams. The bestseller: 24Hours Workshops!
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Keynotes & Impulse Workshops 

Crisp, moving and with storytelling instead of PowerPoint. Ideal for quickly creating a common basis for discussion. With a subsequent moderation and a book gift, it is the perfect introduction to a topic. 
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Process facilitation 

A custom-fit, structured mix of consulting and workshops that support cultural change in the best possible way. Charming persistence at all levels! 
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1:1 coaching and sparring for situational or as personal process support. Naturally, honestly and without ballyhoo. I don’t just ask questions. Sometimes I “just put in my two cents”. 
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