My topics

The following topics are the focus of my current work – whether in coaching, workshops, process support or lectures.

Leadership & Attitude

Working conditions are changing. Leadership is changing as a result. Managers are asking themselves: Will there be a need for leadership at all in the future? And if so, how do I lead properly? In my opinion, leadership is more than ever needed. In my figurative understanding, leadership has the task of bringing the future into the present and encouraging people to move into the future together, letting go of the old more and more. This is achieved through good relationship building with heart, head and hand between leaders and staff. Employees long for security in their relationship with their manager, especially when the work environment is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The more support and attitude a manager has within him or herself, the better he or she will succeed in shaping this stability within the relationship.

Trust & Trustful, human cooperation 

When teams are newly formed or when they are heavily challenged, a trustful cooperation is getting more and more important. It is usually the primary goal of team development. Trusting cooperation means having a common goal in mind and working together to achieve it. Trust is not just there, but the result of daily small steps and interactions. Trust in relationships comes from the three factors of heart, head and hand: 

1. meaning and appreciation – I feel that working together is worthwhile, I feel seen and appreciated in the team. 

2. comprehensibility and predictability – I know what makes the other person tick and understand his or her behaviour. 

3. feasibility and co-responsibility – I feel and use my own circle of influence and support the team. 

A trusting cooperation arises above all from a joint, structured exchange about the soft factors of cooperation – apart from figures, data, facts and PowerPoint slides. Because no matter how and in which professional situation: people long for contact and connection.

Change processes, change, transformation – or how do we get from A to B? 

The topics of change and transformation are actually always on the agenda. They are part of everyday working life. What is changing, how is it changing and for what is it changing? What does a new strategy and/or structure mean for the people in the organisation? In workshops and process support, I help management teams to develop a clear attitude towards change. This is usually done by translating the strategy into everyday life, into simple language and into a common vision of goals. It becomes exciting when teams and organisations reach the so-called transformation threshold. I would be happy to support you in your process with my pictorial transformation model.

What other topics are currently occupying me

  • Listening – an underestimated skill that I am devoting special attention to this year. 
  • Theory U – Leading from the future. A method of process facilitation that has inspired me for two years now and where I am learning every day. Core question: What is the future potential and how can it be acted upon today?
  • Climate change and sustainable economy: Does it always have to be “more”, more growth? Yes and no. Inspired by the book “Rethinking the World” by Maja Göpel, I am in the process of understanding all the connections and want to do my part. I am critically reviewing my own consumer behaviour and adjusting it. For example, we now only have one car for two adults and I am also more sustainable than before when it comes to clothes. It works very well! 
  • And as always, everything about marathon running 😉

Which topics I have dealt with intensively in the past

  • Self-leadership – the core of leadership. If you can lead yourself, you can lead others better. For me, self-leadership includes the elements of self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-regulation. 
  • Salutogenesis & Healthy Leadership 
  • Mindfulness 

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All these topics can be combined and arranged individually. Or do you have a completely different idea, haven’t found something here or have a question? Then feel free to write to me!