Key-Notes: Crunchy. Graphic-like. And moving. (also online available)

The challenge

How can we create a common basis for discussion for the upcoming transformation within a short time? 

How can we succeed in giving the participants something lasting and increase their co-responsibility within a speech? 

How can we also gain an outside view of our situation?

These are the objectives of previous clients.

The challenges are manifold: To give the best possible and lasting impulse within a short time, which stays in the head and heart after the presentation. To bring the participants not only into an exchange with each other but also into joint responsibility. 

The solution: An impuls package

1. Storytelling instead of Powerpoint! A picture is worth a thousand words - in my key notes I tell stories and use simple and effective pictures. This way not only the head but also the heart is addressed. This supports comprehensive learning and memorizing.

2. Creating a pictorial basis for discussions on complex topics: With a simple and at the same time multi-layered picture for the change within the working environment and for leadership or self-management, every listener can immediately identify himself. An exchange becomes easier, discrepancies and challenges become apparent more quickly than if they are only spoken about and discussed in PowerPoint.

3. A facilitated discussion after the presentation and a few weeks later increases the commitment and implementation of initial ideas. The sustainability and co-responsibility of the audience is supported and first measures are already implemented. 

Possible kann topics and headlines: 

Possible main topics and titles of speeches:

- Agile work starts with trust

- New Work needs attitude!

- Human leadership with 3 principles

- Self-management for professionals and managers

In the last years I have given hundreds of lectures in German and English. You can be sure that the lectures "sit" and work from the beginning.

You would like to learn more about the topics and the course of an impulse event? Just send me a non-binding inquiry to and I will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call me (0170-5282737). 

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