There it is: Loving. Running. Living.

There it is! My latest book is now also available in English. Still, I have not really realised it. It has always been my dream to publish a book in English. And then it just happened. Because two people asked me regularly “when will it be available in English?” 

Then: There were a couple of weeks in Sept/October/Nov with less project work and appointments and I thought “Why not?”. So I started to translate it on my own and with some AI software. Realising pretty soon that my English book deserves more professional support. I asked within my network found a brilliant solution for me. As for now I have learned: the way unfolds while walking & just do it …

And now: welcome little book! It is also a great gift for your running friends or those who want to read something about new work but with heart.

Want to have a view to it and say hello: –

if you have kindle unlimited it will be for free to you! 

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